Welcome to The Jacksonville Landing!

We reserve the right to define the rules of conduct acceptable to us in order to determine admission to our property. In order to provide a safe, secure and pleasant environment, we ask for your cooperation in complying with the following rules.

A. Conduct

  1. Disorderly or disruptive conduct is prohibited including: use of obscene or insulting language/gestures, running, yelling, fighting, boisterous behavior, throwing objects, littering, playing radios, unauthorized singing or dancing, musical instruments and performing. Skating, skateboarding or rollerblading are not permitted.
  2. Bicycles and scooters are not permitted to be ridden on Landing Property and are not permitted inside the buildings. Bicycle racks are provided at all entrances for your convenience. The Landing does not accept responsibility for any bicycle or scooter that is stolen or vandalized.
  3. Strollers and wheelchairs are not permitted on escalators at any time.
  4. Soliciting, panhandling, picketing or rallying, conducting of surveys, distributing literature, offering any items for sale, soliciting signatures or personal information of any kind (including names, phone numbers, etc.) is not permitted.
  5. Chairs, coolers, cans and glass are not permitted on Landing Property at any time. All interior furniture must remain inside the building. Courtyard furniture must remain in location surrounding the Courtyard Fountain.
  6. Loitering is not permitted at The Jacksonville Landing. Loitering includes inactivity, blocking access, hindering movement and/or failure to move to a dining, entertainment or retail venue.
  7. Unauthorized photography and video taping is strictly prohibited. All professional photography or photos of venue must be approved by Property Management.
  8. Smoking is prohibited inside The Jacksonville Landing.

B. Rules for Minors on Property

  1. All persons under the age of 18 are expected to be in school during school hours and will be asked to leave the property.
  2. After 6 p.m. all youths under 18 years of age who are at The Jacksonville Landing must be under the supervision and control of his/her parent who must have visual contact with the youth(s) at all times.
  3. To enforce the rules applicable to minors, we require all patrons to carry appropriate photo identification with proof of age.

C. Clothing/Attire

  1. Appropriate attire must be worn at all times. Items with obscene, suggestive or offensive messages are not permitted.
  2. Clothing that does not cover or conceal one’s body to prevent indecent exposure, nudity or the illusion of nudity is prohibited.
  3. Shirts and shoes are required at all times.
  4. Pants, shorts, skirts, etc. must remain at waistline at all times. No exposed undergarments will be permitted.
  5. Wearing items that deliberately obscure the face: such as hooded tops and/or masks will not be allowed.

D. Pets/Animals

  1. Only animals trained to assist persons with disabilities or police K-9 units are permitted inside the building unless pre-approved by Property Management.
  2. All animals/pets visiting the exterior areas of the Landing must remain on a leash at all times.

E. Violations of the Law

  1. The commission of any act defined by Federal, State or local ordinances as a criminal act is prohibited. These include, but are not limited to: graffiti, property damage, defacing, damaging or destroying any real or personal property, etc.
  2. Possession of a weapon, even if legally carried (except by law enforcement officers) is absolutely prohibited on Landing property
  3. Using or possessing fireworks is prohibited

A violation of these rules may result in expulsion from the property or other legal action as Property Management deems appropriate.