Adrian Pickett – Jacksonville, FL

Artist Statement:

I am an artist by nature. I believe that my faith increases my talent. I believe that the quality of art should not be based on its medium nor canvass, but rather by the skill of the artist. I give a little of myself in creating which adds soul to my subjects. I am committed to expounding a newfound respect for the use of charcoal in Fine Art.
“Practice makes the master.” ― Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind


Adrian Pickett spent many hours in art class in high school. He spent many hours practicing…
The quintessential self-taught artist has a unique stroke that awakens the canvas. Gifted in the use of many mediums including acrylics and oils, Pickett’s current passion for charcoal stems from the challenges it presents. Pickett has developed a style of artistry that allow his charcoal renderings to exude soulfulness and the use of hues and shadows eludes a colorful presence. He demonstrates an intricate skill of technical perfection in his portraiture renderings. Adrian spent most of his life exploring different creative outlets. At just 10 years old, his gift was apparent after taking a one (1) day summer course at a local art class. His rendering that day was of a painted ocean landscape with blowing willows, can be found in his studio located Downtown Jacksonville, FL. His unique approach reveals the essence of his subjects and allows Adrian’s creations to expose a truly naturally talented artist. The artist views his vision as “a gift” and feels his creativity derives from “a natural force”.
The multiple award-winning artist has emerged after becoming a full time professional in 2008. Pickett has been occupying an eponymous gallery of art, The Adrian Pickett Gallery dba AP STUDIOS, since January 2010. Exactly one year after opening his gallery, Pickett was the featured “Living Legends Artist” of the 2011 Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival. The proceeding July, The Atlanta Fulton County Public Library honored Pickett as a special exhibit featured artist during the 2012 National Black Art Festival. He’s been commissioned for portraits of Spiritual Teacher /Author Iyanla Vanzant, Singer Joshua Jones (Country Duo Steel Magnolia), Drake (Hip Hop Artist), Broadcast Executive Xernona Clayton, Congressman John Lewis, Tuskegee Airman Val Archer, Civil Rights Leader Dr. CT Vivian, amongst other notables and private collectors. He is currently an active juror for several national art award competitions for student and professional artists and collaborates as the Head Artist and Project Manager for the “Awareness of Art” campaign for CF Media, Jacksonville. FL


“Imagine viewing Da Vinci or Raphael as they begin the process of creating one of their iconic paintings. Charcoal in hand, smudging, pushing and manipulating the fine black grains to coerce a beautifully detailed drawing out of the
white nothingness of a simple sheet of paper. This is Adrian Pickett at work. Pickett’s drawings are intricate, soulful renderings. Portraits of some of our most respected and adored personalities, from President Barack Obama to Clint Eastwood. Like Da Vinci he has a delicate, but deliberate touch and like a proud parent he nurtures his creations until they are mature enough to be shown.” Darryle Carr – Jacksonville Fine Arts Examiner

Solo Exhibits:

Dr. Carter G Woodson Museum (permanent collection)

Florida Film House, Miami, FL:  Dec 2012 – Jan 2014

Atlanta Fulton Central Library Gallery, Atlanta, GA: Nov 2013, Sept 2012

Cummer Museum and Gardens: Sept 2012 – Oct 2012

Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival, Tampa, FL: Jan 2011 – Mar 2011

Hillsborough Community College, Tampa, FL: Jan 2011 – Mar 2011

Florida State College Jacksonville, Jax, FL: Feb 2010 – Mar 2010

AT&T Tower Jacksonville, FL: Nov 2009 – Mar 2011

Hemming Jewelers, Jacksonville, FL: Aug 2008 – Jan 2009

Group Exhibits:

Plantation Arts Guild, Amelia Island FL: Featured Artist: June 2015 – Sept 2015

Ritz Museum, Jacksonville, FL: Illumination God’s Trombones: Feb 2014 – July 2014

Orlando City Hall, Terrace Gallery, Orlando, FL: Black History Month Special Exhibit: Feb 2014

Kroma Gallery, Coconut Grove, FL: Celebrity Art Series II; Black the Art of Color: Dec 2013

Evolve The Gallery, Sacramento, CA: Ali: The Greatest: Jan 2012 – Apr 2013

Muhammad Ali Center, Louisville, KY: Ali: The Greatest: April 2013 – Jun 2013

National Black Arts Festival: Featured Artist: July 2012

Osceola Center for the Arts, Kissimmee, FL:  August 2012

Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Jacksonville, FL: Black Coffee: May 2010 & Imagination Squared: Sept 2010 & Drawdown July 2008 – Aug 2008

Gallery 1037, Jacksonville, FL: Black Coffee: Nov 2008

The Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach, FL: The Sight of Music: July 2009 – Aug 2009

Featured Publications:

**Internationally published in 2009-2010 Faber Castell Artist Catalog and Featured Artist in the 2011/2012 250th Faber Castell Anniversary Edition.

Tampa Tribune

The Buzz Magazine

Arbus Magazine

Jacksonville Magazine

The Florida Star Newspaper

The Times Union

The Daily Record

First Coast News: The Morning Show

Jacksonville Free Press

Florida’s Star Light

Orlando Sentinel

Fox 13 Tampa Bay

Onyx Magazine

Eco-Latina Magazine

***Adrian Pickett is currently showcasing at the Gallery Guichard, Chicago, IL.

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